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C++ Libraries, Frameworks and Tools
for Server, Desktop, Embedded and Mobile

Applied Informatics provides powerful, easy to use cross-platform C++ libraries, frameworks and tools that enable you to:

  • Create high-performance, multi-threaded, modular and extensible C++ applications that can be built for and run on desktop, server, embedded and mobile platforms.
  • Embed a web server into your applications for user interaction, monitoring and configuration, or for providing web services and REST APIs.
  • Provide and access network services and SOAP/WSDL web services and build distributed applications.
  • Connect C++ applications to cloud services.
  • Build embedded devices that support UPnP™ and Zeroconf technologies, can be upgraded in the field, easily connect to enterprise and cloud systems and can be securely accessed and managed remotely.
  • Develop applications for intelligent systems, M2M and the Internet of Things.
  • Process XML and Fast Infoset documents.
  • Access SQL databases.
  • And much more...

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A Powerful Software Platform for Intelligent Systems and the Internet of Things

Intelligent Systems and Internet of Things

The Internet of Things is powered by a new generation of high performance, cloud-connected embedded systems called Intelligent Systems. The software required for running these systems is highly complex, often consisting of hundred thousands to millions lines of code. The time proven Applied Informatics C++ frameworks help to reduce the effort required to build software for intelligent systems by providing many of the software features needed to build such a system. Examples include HTTP server and client, SOAP and REST web services (client and server), inter-process communication, embedded database, the ability to talk to cloud services, UPnP™ and Zeroconf for easy integration into local area networks, device management and secure remote access.

Our Customers

Our customers use our C++ frameworks to build exciting products like home and building automation systems, automotive infotainment devices, smart meters, industrial automation systems, EV charging stations, developer tools, datacenter software, system simulation software and automotive test systems.

Our choice of OSP framework for the embedded solution on ARM based platform was a very apt choice. OSP along with Poco provided us the desired flexibility we needed in our solution. With OSP we could reduce our project turnaround time by 50 %. I highly recommend the solution for rapid application development primarily for embedded solutions.

Suvajit Sengupta, Lumiplan

We were looking for a powerful C++ framework that would allow us to develop any needed service for O3S, the Open System Simulation Solution, in a scalable modular multi-platform environment. With homogenous, robust and easy to understand code, Poco, OSP and Remoting were, in fact, the only single answer to our search.

Victor Andritoiu, OpenTekhnia (O3S)

ACTIA Automotive, Atmel, EnBW, GE, Gentex, HORIBA, HP, Intel, Lumiplan,
Neural ID, Nexeya, O3S, Riverbed, Scayl, Schneider Electric, Siemens, Voltwerk Electronics

Open Source Foundation

The POCO C++ Libraries, the foundation for all of Applied Informatics' products, are a collection of Open Source C++ class libraries that make it easy to develop network-centric, cross-platform applications in C++. The libraries integrate perfectly with the C++ Standard Library and fill many of the functional gaps left open by it.

The POCO C++ Libraries are developed in an Open Source project, founded and sponsored by Applied Informatics. Developers from all over the world contribute to the project, helping us to make POCO one of the leading C++ open source projects.

POCO C++ Libraries