Applied Informatics was founded by Günter Obiltschnig in 2004 with the goal to simplify the life of C++ software developers by providing class libraries and tools that are powerful, platform independent and fun to work with. After all, software engineering should be about managing complexity, not creating it.

A pioneer in what is now known as the Internet of Things, Applied Informatics has been providing software libraries and tools for building the Internet of Things for 10 years.

G√ľnter Obiltschnig, Founder and Managing Director


In February 2005, Applied Informatics released the first version of the Open Source POCO C++ Libraries (back then known as the C++ Portable Components) to the public. Since then, the POCO C++ Libraries have become one of the most outstanding and important C++ toolkits available.

In 2006, Applied Informatics received a grant from the Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG) to fund development of its advanced C++ libraries and tools.

In 2011, Applied Informatics won the prestigious Austrian Constantinus award in the Open Source category.

In January 2012, with my-devices.net, Applied Informatics was nominated a finalist in the international CODE_n 12 innovation contest.

In December 2012, Applied Informatics was nominated for Austria's National Award for Excellence in Consulting — the "Staatspreis Consulting 2012".

In Fall 2013, Applied Informatics started development of macchina.io, the leading toolkit for building IoT device applications that connect sensors, devices and cloud services.

In Fall 2015, macchina.io was among the 26 out of 160 projects selected to receive funding by Internet Foundation Austria's netidee program.

In June 2016, Applied Informatics won 3rd place in Austria's Constantinus Award in the Industry 4.0/Internet of Things category.

In November 2016, Applied Informatics was one of Austria's top six consulting companies, with a customer project based on macchina.io, at Austria's National Award for Excellence in Consulting.

Worldwide Customer Base

Customers all over the world rely on the C++ class libraries, tools and services from Applied Informatics to build software for building automation systems, industry automation, automotive test and diagnostic systems, smart meters, VoIP infrastructure, network analysis, ticketing systems, genome sequencers and much more.

Our Awards

Nominee - Staatspreis 2012 and 2016

Constantinus 2016

Funded Project - netidee 2015

CODE_n 12 - shaping mobile life

Constantinus Award 2011