class HTTPServerRequest

Library: Net
Package: HTTPServer
Header: Poco/Net/HTTPServerRequest.h


This abstract subclass of HTTPRequest is used for representing server-side HTTP requests.

A HTTPServerRequest is passed to the handleRequest() method of HTTPRequestHandler.


Direct Base Classes: HTTPRequest

All Base Classes: HTTPMessage, HTTPRequest, MessageHeader, NameValueCollection

Known Derived Classes: HTTPServerRequestImpl

Member Summary

Member Functions: clientAddress, expectContinue, response, serverAddress, serverParams, stream

Inherited Functions: add, begin, clear, empty, end, erase, find, get, getChunkedTransferEncoding, getContentLength, getContentLength64, getContentType, getCookies, getCredentials, getFieldLimit, getHost, getKeepAlive, getMethod, getProxyCredentials, getTransferEncoding, getURI, getVersion, has, hasContentLength, hasCredentials, hasProxyCredentials, hasToken, operator =, operator [], quote, read, set, setChunkedTransferEncoding, setContentLength, setContentLength64, setContentType, setCookies, setCredentials, setFieldLimit, setHost, setKeepAlive, setMethod, setProxyCredentials, setTransferEncoding, setURI, setVersion, size, splitElements, splitParameters, swap, write




Creates the HTTPServerRequest


~HTTPServerRequest virtual


Destroys the HTTPServerRequest.

Member Functions

clientAddress virtual

virtual const SocketAddress & clientAddress() const = 0;

Returns the client's address.

expectContinue virtual

virtual bool expectContinue() const = 0;

Returns true if the client expects a 100 Continue response.

response virtual

virtual HTTPServerResponse & response() const = 0;

Returns a reference to the associated response.

serverAddress virtual

virtual const SocketAddress & serverAddress() const = 0;

Returns the server's address.

serverParams virtual

virtual const HTTPServerParams & serverParams() const = 0;

Returns a reference to the server parameters.

stream virtual

virtual std::istream & stream() = 0;

Returns the input stream for reading the request body.

The stream must be valid until the HTTPServerRequest object is destroyed.