Purchase Source Code Licenses and Support

Prices for source code licenses for POCOPRO C++ Frameworks are dependent on the number of developers using them. There are no separate runtime fees or royalties. Our Source Code License Agreement (PDF) allows the use of the POCOPRO C++ Frameworks (also known as the Applied Informatics C++ Libraries and Tools) source code to develop software on and for all supported operating system and hardware platforms.

Product 1 — 4 Developers
Standard Support
5+ Developers,
Multiple Products
or Extended Support PRO Contact Sales See website
Open Service Platform from EUR 1490
(approx. US-$ 1580)
Contact Sales
(including WSDL/XSD code generation)
from EUR 1890
(approx. US-$ 2130)
Remoting Lite
(no WSDL/XSD code generation)
from EUR 1490
(approx. US-$ 1580)
Universal Plug and Play from EUR 1690
(approx. US-$ 1900)
DNS-SD/Zeroconf from EUR 490
(approx. US-$ 550)
Fast Infoset from EUR 790
(approx. US-$ 890)
Smart Device Bundle
includes OSP, UPnP and DNS-SD/Zeroconf
SAVE 20+ %
from EUR 2890
(approx. US-$ 3260)

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Please note that it will take up to one business day for us to complete an order and deliver the source code. Once the order is complete, the source code will be downloadable from our secure download server. Instructions for accessing the source code download will be sent via email.

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Privacy Policy: Any information you provide will be kept strictly private and will not be disclosed to third parties.

Standard Support

  • 2 support tickets
  • 3 business days max. initial response time
  • access to regular new releases
  • 12 months

Extended Support

  • unlimited support tickets
  • 1 business day max. initial response time
  • premium services (remote trouble shooting, expert code reviews, custom performance tuning)
  • access to regular new releases, as well as customer-specific emergency hot fixes and custom releases
  • 12 months

Quote or Purchase Order

You can also order by sending us a Purchase Order. Please contact sales for more information or if you need a formal quote.

How Many Licenses Do I Need?

A license is required for every developer writing code that directly calls the programming interfaces of our libraries and frameworks, or if the developer is otherwise incorporating the source code of our software or parts thereof into his code.

SDK Redistribution License

An optional SDK redistribution license allows you to ship library header files and static libraries to your customers along with your product. Please contact sales for more information.